Grant Gottgetreu on The Lynda Steele Show

Grant Gottgetreu on The Lynda Steele Show

Lynda opens the show!  During the month of September police will be conducting more strategic enforcement focusing on distracted driving.  Along with ICBC they’ll be launching radio and television ads enforcing the proper rules of the road.  But do you know you can get a ticket for texting at a red light – like while stopped.  Actually you can get a ticket for even looking at your phone at red light can get you a ticket?  Is this about safety or is this about money?  Many people think this is a cash grab.

“For me, the reality is the spin that ICBC is putting on it is creating this great big bogeyman. If they would just be honest and just say ‘listen, the reason why we are making such a push on electronic devices is because  the fender bender dings that we are getting everyday because people are looking at their phone at parking lot were bleeding out because we have to pay so much for that’ but they are not saying that.”

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