Grant Gottgetreu on The Jill Bennett Show: Intersection Speed Cameras

Grant Gottgetreu on The Jill Bennett Show: Intersection Speed Cameras

Jill Bennett: “What is your take on the fact that we are going to be seeing these cameras at various intersections in BC that have been deemed the highest risk?”

“I feel a little better that it’s not photo radar, my understanding is it’s a different type of equipment that’s used. It has something to do with sensors and timing the vehicle between two points. However, I’m not as willing to accept the word of the government so graciously. I know people can say ‘Oh, I have no problem throwing more money at the government…’ For me, my concern is the causal factor of the collisions at these intersections. It’s not just that this is a high crash location. What’s important is the time these (crashes) are occurring. What are the causes of the crash? Are they red lights? I don’t have a problem with red light cameras because they’re kind of indisputable. There’s a photo that shows the stop line and the red line, so you’re kind of stuck on that one. The issue with the speeding offences is a little bit more dynamic and of course, if you’re going to say “Well, this is a high crash location, and the peak time of these crashes have all occurred between 9am and 3pm, then that’s when you should be running these cameras.”…

To listen to the full interview, click here.

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