Monthly Archives: June 2020

Grant on Mornings with Simi

If you thought the drivers out there seemed to be more crazy during the height of the pandemic…you were right! The VPD saw a 44% increase in excessive speeding during March and April, compared to the same figures from 2019.  Listen here.

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Grant on Global News BC: Fast and Furious Vancouver: City sees 44% spike in excessive speeding during pandemic

With less traffic on the roads during the first two months of the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears some Vancouver drivers didn’t hesitate to go full throttle. … “They’ll treat the highway or they’ll treat city streets as the Autobahn,” forensic traffic consultant Grant Gottgetreu told Global News. Gottgetreu, a retired police officer known as “Darth Radar” for impounding more than 2,000 vehicles in six years, said Lower Mainland police departments were directed not to conduct unnecessary enforcement during the early days…

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Grant on The Lynda Steele Show: B.C. court rules disabling cellphone while driving still constitutes distracted driving

Grant Gottgetreu joins Lynda to discuss a ruling that a driver with their cell phone powered ‘off’ is still considered to be distracted driving. “The way that the law has been written by the government… it is very ambiguous, it is very confusing… The officers can’t agree on what is ‘use’, the courts can’t agree on what is ‘use’, the government gives their spin on what is ‘use’ and that gives nothing but mass confusion…” Listen to the full show…

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