Grant Gottgetreu

Grant is a trusted forensic consultant and retired police corporal offering services for both criminal and traffic matters.  Since 1989, Grant has earned a formidable reputation as a tenacious investigator in matters dealing with complex criminal investigations and traffic law.  Grant is sought after for his expertise by lawyers and lay people as well as presenting as a guest speaker or panel member at high-profile alcohol and drug impaired conferences.

Grant has a unique skillset which allows him to review a criminal matter and identify investigative errors, procedural or operational omissions and potential disciplinary defaults pursuant to either the Police Act or RCMP Code of Conduct.  As a result, many criminal matters are disposed of prior to the trial date.


Since 2017, Grant has assisted lawyers across Canada on over 300 criminal matters covering many spectrums of the criminal code, including:


Part III Firearms and Other Weapons

Part V Sexual Offences

Part VIII Offences Against the Person and Reputation

Part VIII.1 Offences Relating to Conveyances

Part IX Offences Against Rights of Property

Part X Fraudulent Transactions Relating to Contracts and Trade

Part XI Wilful and Forbidden Acts in Respect to Certain Property


Grant has been recognized as an expert in the Provincial Courts of British Columbia and Yukon in the field of impaired driving investigations and the use of the Alco-Sensor FST.  Grant has also studied the effects of both mouth alcohol and cigarette smoke when using the Alco-Sensor FST to demonstrate how easily a falsely elevated test result can occur.


Grant has been invaluable in traffic related matters, from allegations of driving while prohibited to speeding offences.  He can identify deficiencies in the evidence, which can aide counsel prior to the trial date.


During his almost 30-year policing career, Grant supervised several police teams, received many awards and recognitions, acted as a Police Act agent, and instructed numerous courses to police officers from 10 different municipal and federal police agencies.

Grant has been recognized as an expert in both British Columbia and Yukon Provincial Courts in the field of Impaired Driving Investigations and the use and operation of the Alco-Sensor FST


Impaired Driving Investigations, including the use of the Alco-Sensor FST (Whitehorse Provincial Court, File No. 20-00017, R v. SCARIZZI, 2021-06-28)

General Policing (Surrey Provincial Court, File No. P-C-81913, NGUYEN v. Solicitor General-Legal Services Branch, 2019-11-21)

Impaired Driving Investigations (Surrey Provincial Court, File No. P-C-81913, NGUYEN v. Solicitor General-Legal Services Branch, 2019-11-21)

Police Radar (New Westminster Provincial Court; File No.SA01092840 R v Central Fleet & Supplies LTD, 1998-Sept-04)

  • Intoximeter EC/IR II
  • Datamaster DMT
  • BAC Datamaster C
  • Borkenstein Model 900A
  • Alco-Sensor FST
  • Alco-Sensor IV DWF
  • Alcolmeter SL2
  • Police Radar Bands X, K and KA
  • Muni Quip T-3
  • Muni Quip DRS
  • Muni Quip MDR-1
  • Decatur Ra-Gun
  • MPH
  • Vindicator Handheld
  • Genesis Handheld
  • Genesis I
  • Genesis II
  • Genesis Directional
  • Genesis VP
  • Stalker II
  • Stalker Basic
  • Stalker ATR
  • Stalker DSR
  • Stalker DSR 2X
  • Kustom Signals Raptor RP-1
  • Kustom Signals KR-10SP
  • Kustom Signals Falcon
  • Kustom Signals Falcon HR
  • Kustom Signals HR-12
  • Kustom Signals Golden Eagle II
  • LTI 20-20 Marksmen
  • LTI Ultralyte LR-B 20-10
  • LTI 20-20 Tru Speed
  • Pro Laser III
  • Pro Laser 4
  • Laser Ally Lidar
  • Laser Atlanta Speed Laser

The Law Society of British Columbia has approved the following courses and training as instructed by Grant:

  • Police Radar Theory and Operation
  • Police Lidar Theory and Operation
  • Visual Speed Estimations
  • ADP/VI Introduction to NWPD
  • Radar Operator Courses (all modes)
  • Laser Operator Courses
  • Radar and Laser Instructor Course, JIBC
  • Alco-Sensor IV DWF Operator/Calibrator
  • Alcolmeter SL2 Calibrator
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Surviving Traffic Court
  • Street Racing Impounds
  • PRIME training for the Transit Police
  • Alco-Sensor FST Calibrator/Operator 2015
  • Intox EC/IR II Conversion 2012
  • Forensic Mapping 2004
  • Map Scenes 2004
  • Collision Analyst Level 3 2003
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods 2002
  • BAC Datamaster C Supervisor Assistant 2002
  • BAC Datamaster C Supervisor 2002
  • Police Motorcycle Course 2001
  • Radar (All Modes) Instructor 2000
  • Laser Distance Between Vehicles Instructor 2000
  • Alco-Sensor IV DWF Instructor 1999
  • Alcolmeter SL2 Calibrator 1997
  • Camaro Driving Course, Boundary Bay 1997
  • Standardized Field Sobriety Testing 1997
  • ADP/VI Instructors Program, I.C.B.C. 1997
  • Laser Instructor Certification 1996
  • Air Brakes 1996
  • Dangerous Goods 1996
  • Commercial Vehicle Level 2 Inspection 1996
  • Datamaster-C Conversion 1996
  • IIM Traffic Studies 1996
  • Stationary Radar Instructor Certification 1995
  • Accident Investigation Level I 1995
  • Laser Speed Detection System Operator 1993
  • BTA Technician 1992
  • Stationary Radar Operator 1992
  • Alco-Sensor SL2 Operator 1990
  • 2016 – Impaired Driving Investigations for the Defence, Montreal
  • 2017 – Cannabis Impaired Driving: Current Issues in Legalization, Vancouver
  • 2018 – O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo, Toronto
  • 2018 – Grassroots Cannabis Expo, Vancouver
  • 2018 – O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo, Vancouver
Grant Gottgetrue ASD Forensic Traffic Pro

Grant retired as a Police Corporal in 2017 and he now uses his expertise as an independent consultant for both criminal and traffic related matters. He provides forensic analysis, expert information, and independent testimony to present the right evidence before the court.

Grant’s technical analysis of a criminal allegation is different from the testimony offered by scientists. He speaks from a policing background, where he was operational and “in the field” his entire career.  This allowed him to develop an expertise in general policing, which encompasses proper operational and investigational procedures which a lawyer may be unfamiliar and inadvertently overlook.  His insight in this area allows him to look at a criminal matter through a different lens and one that assists lawyers greatly in identifying potential critical errors and/or weaknesses in the Crown’s case.

This makes Grant a rare and persuasive asset to the case of any client.

Email gottgetreuconsulting@gmail.com

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Years of Policing Experience
Read and approved impaired driving and traffic related cases
Years as a Master Instructor for police Radar and Laser

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