Dozens of drivers ticketed by undercover eye in the sky​


Officers from West Vancouver Police Department and North Vancouver RCMP, and ICBC staff set up a sting operation at the corner of Capilano Road and Marine Drive in the soaking rain in time for the afternoon rush hour.

One of the offenders even waved, smartphone in hand, to the undercover officer, according to the RCMP.
“Most people were accepting of the fact they were in the wrong, realizing that someone had a bird’s eye view of them made them feel a little sheepish. Some were in a bit of denial or questioning whether or not we could do that,” said Cpl. Richard De Jong, North Vancouver RCMP spokesman.
Police handed out another 29 violation tickets for other offences, including one 24-hour suspension for driving under the influence of a drug.
A handful of drivers got warnings – including people who were talking hands-free but with two earbuds in the ears (only one earbud is allowed.)
A brave few tried unsuccessfully to talk their way out of the ticket.
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