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Grant Gottgetreu on the Lynda Steele Show: Full Podcast

“There is an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act called slow driving. People don’t know that… It is a fine and 3 points… There’s a difference between slow driving and doing the speed limit. If you’re behind somebody and they’re doing 50 in a 50 zone, they’re not slow driving, they’re actually doing the speed limit… Slow driving is subjective by the police. You have to decide what your threshold is. Mine was 10 to 15 kms under the speed…

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Grant Gottgetreu on the Lynda Steele Show: A disclaimer on headlights and tail lights!

Grant Gottgetreu joins the Lynda Steele Show to talk about vehicle safety. “As soon as they introduced daytime running lights, that’s when the problem was created. They didn’t link the two. (Before we had) the daytime running lights your dashboard lights would be off. So people would clue in and go ‘wait a minute, I’ve got to turn my lights on, I can’t see my dashboard lights.’… But now the dashboard lights are on when the daytime running lights are…

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