Metro Vancouver traffic cop impounds 2,000 vehicles in six years

Metro Vancouver traffic cop impounds 2,000 vehicles in six years

Grant Gottgetrue ASD Forensic Traffic Pro

He’s got a thing that’s called radar love.

Cpl. Grant Gottgetreu, a traffic cop with the West Vancouver Police Department on secondment to the Integrated Road Safety Unit, on Saturday nabbed his 2,000th vehicle for excessive speeding since 2010.

It is a labour of love for the 27-year veteran cop.

“Some guys focus on drug enforcement, some on distracted drivers,” Gottgetreu said. “My thing is excessive speeding.”

Gottgetreu said he handles all situations the same.

“I get abuse sometimes,” he said. “It’s a shock to drivers and I let them vent.

“Some people go nuts. One guy started smashing the heck out of his car.”

Since the Motor Vehicle Act was changed in 2010 to mandate vehicles exceeding the posted limit by 40 or more kilometres an hour be impounded, Gottgetreu has called the tow truck on everything from a Canada Post van to a loaded camper with a family of four racing to catch a ferry, to couriers, rental cars, motorbikes and expensive cars like a $300,000 Bentley Continental being driven home from the showroom.

The other day Gottgetreu impounded a Tesla in Westwood Plateau going 92 kilometres over the limit in a 30-km playground zone.

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