Traffic Court Tickets

Grant Gottgetreu has an enviable success rate for his clients in traffic court.

Since he retired from police work in 2017, Grant has already been retained many times for his sought-after expertise in traffic court.

Given traffic court’s lower standard of proof requirements for traffic court infractions compared to criminal driving charges, defending clients can be extremely difficult, even for experienced lawyers.

With decisions being made on the balance of probabilities, decisions often come down to which side does an adjudicator believe more? Yours or the opposition’s.

Something that can tip the scales of justice in your favour is having a trusted and persuasive traffic ticket expert supporting your evidence.

Grant Gottgetreu’s opinions can often sway traffic court decisions because he is a recognized expert in all types of traffic tickets. And for good reason. He was an extremely dedicated traffic enforcement officer and earned a reputation for his unrelenting attitude to handing out traffic tickets. As of June 2018, he holds the records for issuing more excessive speeding tickets in a year and in a career than any other officer in BC. The records will likely remain intact for years to come.

Grant is now putting his insights to work for lawyers representing both the Crown and the defence.

If your client is facing a ticket for speeding, Grant is a master instructor for all modes of police radar and laser devices. For a list of the devices he knows how to use, click here. Grant is a recognized expert in police radar and knows the operational requirements for properly trained radar and laser operators.

He was cross-examined countless times as a police officer so he knows what questions officers will be expected to answer.

There are a number of ways traffic tickets can be overturned. Police officers make mistakes. Sometimes police radar or laser devices are not functioning properly, or police estimates of your speed are not accurate.

Grant provides consultation services for all kinds of traffic tickets but the main types of infractions he is retained for include speeding and distracted driving.