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Grant on The Mike Smyth Show: Chrystia Freeland gets a speeding ticket!

“My concern with how fast she was going, allegedly, was that she claims not to own a car… that would lead one to believe that she doesn’t drive a lot. Going that speed if you haven’t driven in a long time is really unsafe especially if you are unfamiliar with it. So there’s two trains of thought here… Either she drives a lot more than what she’s claiming or she was just really careless with her driving if she doesn’t…

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Grant on Global News: Advocates say B.C.’s distracted driving rules are confusing, call for a re-write

Is it time for British Columbia to overhaul its distracted driving legislation for greater clarity? It’s a call some advocates are making in the wake last week’s Lower Mainland distracted driving enforcement blitz — and a slip-up by the province’s own public insurer in a safety video explaining exactly what is and isn’t legal when on the road. ICBC was forced to delete the video and apologize, after erroneously suggesting that it was against the law to have a mobile phone sitting…

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Lawyers: why your client should hire a subject matter expert

Expert witnesses can be the crucial factor that decides the fate of a trial. Their purpose is to provide unbiased opinion on a specialist subject so that a judge or jury can make a more informed decision. Lawyers will be well-aware of the value an expert witness can bring and if it were up to them, most would not go to court without one. Convincing their clients to hire an expert, however, is another matter. They might be put off…

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