Grant Gottgetreu on The Ryan Jespersen Show

Grant Gottgetreu on The Ryan Jespersen Show

Grant Gottgetreu, a Forensic Traffic Consultant and a retired police corporal discussed what the new impaired driving laws mean for police and drivers. He shared his views on the change of legislation based on his experiences.

“I am always suspicious when the government enacts a law that comes with a monetary penalty because it is like are you doing this for the greater good or you are doing this because you want to get money out of us? I am always a little cautious and suspicious when the government introduces anything that says it comes with a fine too.”

“I think of it this way. You are doing a roadblock, there are four police officers and you have 30 cars lined up. Well, we can do run the breath test so let’s pull all 30 cars in. But the 31st car they let go through is the drunk. Just let the police do their job. We know how to detect impaired drivers. Don’t treat the police like they are kindergarten children. We are trained investigators. We know how to detect someone who has been drinking and driving.”

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